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Today i want to talk about things that affect people in their day to day lives.As a human being one can live a life of sacrifice.Sacrificing their happiness for the sake of others.Doing things to prove a point…it could be to please others or maybe as a means to fit in.

More often than not individuals are concerned with issues like” what are people going to say” or “what are they going to think of me”.It is these reasons and more that make some take decisions they would otherwise not even consider.This has always been the norm.

However today yours truly is coming in with a different line of thought.i know,many think my ideas are weird but truth be told they work like a bomb.Its simple really.I have also been through that entrapment of trying to please everybody.It only led to pain,heartache,anger,dissapointment and distress.In the process of it all i forgot all about the person who matters the most in my life….myself.I was more concerned about others i totally lost focus.

Nevertheless over the years all that has changed.It only took me one day to look myself on the mirror and challenge myself.I have no duty to please everyone.I have a duty to myself.My competition is myself.The person i am most concerned about is myself.

I know some may think im selfish and self centred .But then the world has taught me to look out for myself.In everything that i do i maximize my happiness.Before i make a decision i ask myself some crucial questions

“Why am i doing it?”

“How do i feel about it”?

“Does it make me feel happy?”

My happiness has become my priority and since then i have been at so much at peace.

As one philosopher (Jeremy Bentham) once said…utilitarianism would make the world a better place.

Remember ,we always have the power of choice.Choose to be happy

Free advice,take it or leave it

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More often than not we find ourselves planning things. We make plans about change.It could be about changing our lifestyle, our habits,the way we do things or even the start of something new.We always say “I will” but with no results. A plan without implementation is nothing.

Its like that government which promised more and delivered zilch.

Let’s shun procrastination and strive to be better people.


As the month of March draws to an  end  i can’t help but ponder what comes next.For me April has always been full of life changing events. Both positive and negative. However with age I no longer have time for negative energy. I wait in anticipation…..#positivevibesonly.

It’s actually the same with life actually. Encountering challenges should not matter. The way you respond to the challenge is what matters.

For gold to be pure it has to pass through fire.

Happy April


Down but not out

Its been a long four years at a tertiary institution .quite a lot of highs and lows.How best to describe it …except through a thriller….

Yes.Coming soon to your nearest book shops.By yours truly …introducing    Chronicles Of Life by Fanele…..#bestsellerwannabe


Over the years i have been studying patterns in human behavior.I have come to one conclusion.If you decide to become different from those around you or your family ,you are usually misunderstood.The human race finds it extremely difficult to come to terms with the fact that someone may be different from the rest.

People are usually at pains to accept that this woman,this girl or that man is unique.Instead,what they don’t understand they usually call strange,crazy or bewitched.

“heeeehe,she is a woman why must she make decisions”

“she is just a girl ,why should she play FIFA”

“why should she understand politics,at her age,its unheard of”

Such statements piss me off.

This really pains me.We are all different and we can not be expected to do the same thing.As different as our names and our faces,so are we.

To those who are (like me) misunderstood by their community and their collegues,here is my advice….

believe in yourself

be strong

stand your ground

and before long you will notice that some will begin to understand you.

Fanele is a 22 year old social commentator and blogger.




It is with a bubbly heart that i write this post.I have been off line for some time now,what with the dissertation and all.However im back.

All along i was just living my life and taking each day as it came.I had no sense of direction whatsoever.However.all that has changed.I have found a purpose,i have found something to live for.Yes, i have found solace in the house of the Lord!It was a surprise for me too but i feel so good.

Change is inevitable and it is a part of our lives.Do what makes you happy because you only live once.Its what i wake up to do,teaching ,preaching the Word with power,changing lives.

I have found my purpose.Have you?


Fanele is social commentator and motivational speaker.She can be reached on 0776697738

Globalisation and Independence

Globalisation has been a cause for concern especially now in the 21st century.Some scholars believe that contemporary globalisation trends further enhance entrapment and exploitation.Today i’m going to discuss globalisation and independence from a different perspective.Independence and globalisation is usually associated with politics,economics and international relations.However i’m going to talk about globalisation and independence in relation to the family and social life

The world is quickly becoming a global village and so is the family and the society.In a quest to find solace in the community,the youth are engaging in some projects in a move meant to alleviate poverty.The family will be trying to help but falling short hence the youth will come up with measures in a globalised world to make life easier.

However ,that has proven disastrous for many.The moment one tries to work for him/herself,the parents will wean the child off believing that he/she is now independent and able to take care of her own self.This has in many cases proven problematic because sometimes the child would have gotten a part time not paying much.Although the job will be over people don’t often understand that the child still needs support or rather they choose to ignore that fact because for them it will have become a mentality that the child is independent.Such mentalities are very dangerous and detrimental to the well being of the family.It becomes a challenge to the child to make ends meet at the same time it becomes a disappointment .The parents on the other hand will be so proud that due to the globalized world,the child has quickly become an independent adult ,not knowing that inside the child is dying.

xoxo food for thought

Fanele is a motivational speaker and a social commentator.She can be reached on fanele1993@gmail.com

The Miracle

Went to church on a Sunday and felt like the preacher was speaking to me alone.have you ever felt like you are alone in a building full of people?Yeah,that’s how i felt like.Anyway,the Lord is a forgiver,repent for the time is near.The Lord loves us unconditionally and this issue of the love of God made reflect on some issues.God is not like man,no child asked for bread and was given a stone by the father.Our heavenly Father loves us so much.Even if we stray away from Him,he will still care for us.The bible says as Christ loved us and died for us,we should also love one another.How does love express itself?Love expresses itself in kindness,humility,compassion and long suffering.Even if you speak in tongues of angels but have no love,you are simply making a noise.Even if you pay thousands in tithes but have no love for your fellow human beings,you are just wasting your time.

May the good Lord help us and give us this miracle called love.

Fanele is a 22year old student and social commentator

“you cannot separate politics from religion”-unknown

The next big thing in political philosophy

Gone are the days of Plato,Confucious,Hegel and other philosophers.The future is here,the future is now.We are demanding African solutions for our African problems

It is my desire to feed Africa with home grown solutions through the use of revised Western ideas at the same time using them for Africa’s advantage.

To qoute my long gone favourite philosopher,”quality is not an act,it is a habit”-Aristotle

Fanele Maqele

Politics and Public Management