The woman before the rock

So i got into a commuter omnibus sometime last night on my way home from a day’s work.The bus was full of people retiring home from various duties.A discussion soon ensued concerning the education system in the country.People were talking about the heydays and how their teachers used to treat them.The guy sitting next to me was the most vocal.The whole conversation was making me feel nostalgic so i decided to focus on the sweet perfume that was waffling from the guy next to me.The smell was affecting me so much to such an extent that i closed my eyes to fully comprehend.I was wondering why that particular deoderant was affecting me that much.Then i remembered ..The truth hit me so hard such that my eyes flew open.

How could i forget that smell?How could i ever?It belonged to a certain someone whom i will call uuuhm eeh Lazarus.Yes!!Perfecto.

This Lazarus is the one who wore this kind of perfume.He was one of his own kind.As unique as the Prince of Persia…and as unpredictable as Calamity Jane .

As the omnibus drew to a halt on my busstop.,my head was now filled with thoughts of this my Lazarus.I quickly disembarked and proceeded to my home with a heavy heart.

To be continued…

NB:enjoy the blog by yours truely…a real life story of love, lies, hatred, pain and contemporary issues with a twist here and there.


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