Monday Blues

Eeeyew!Its a Monday and I’m back to fill you in with that touching information. I don’t really like Mondays, what with waking up early and being in the weekend mood.
Anyway, first things first.Let’s continue our chat about our very own Lazarus.
Heehe…I can’t help chuckling each time I think of him.
Alright ,alright back to the presence.Today I’m going to talk about my first meeting ever with Lazarus.
It was on a Thursday. I was enjoying my lunchbreak alone in the office.My two coworkers had gone out to grab a bite.I had told them that I wasn’t feeling like eating. I don’t know if they believed me or not.Because the truth is I did not have a penny to buy lunch.
I was just sitting thinking tender thoughts of home.Suddenly, I had that feeling that someone is watching me intensely. I slowly raised my head and all my goodness… I was looking straight in the eyes of the most captivating human male I have ever seen.My heart rose from its place and settled on my throat.
He was of medium height with slightly broad shoulders. His eyes were of an intense brown,portraying a sign of intelligence underneath them.It was the kind of eyes in which one could easily lose themselves.
His face was handsome and he had a complexion to die for. His lips were slightly parted revealing a set of perfect white teeth.
He was putting on a black sports jacket with the words PORTUGAL boldly printed. All this while our eyes were interlocked.
Without a word,he bolted into my office.
He greeted me and I could see that he was not at ease with himself.
“I’m sorry for coming into your office like that but I just had to”,he began.
“What can I do for you?”,I asked politely.
“Can I have your phone number?”He said, in a voice which sounded like the calm breeze before a storm.
“Who are you?”,I said with a deep frown on my face.
“Oh pardon my manners,my name is Lazarus and I work in the next building.I was just passing by eeh uuhm and then I saw you uuhm and I thought I should just come in and find out who this beautiful lady is .Sorry..”
I could not help smiling. He was looking so sincere and that very moment he touched my heart for good.
“I’m Melanie and I work here”,I replied calmly although my heart was beating so fast as if I was falling down mountain Kilimanjaro.
He once again asked for my number and I quickly gave him at the same time trying so hard not to appear over eager.

So this is how I met Lazarus,, the man who was to hold a part of me.The man who was to change the way I think and behave by a long shot.

to be continued


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