The Miracle

Went to church on a Sunday and felt like the preacher was speaking to me alone.have you ever felt like you are alone in a building full of people?Yeah,that’s how i felt like.Anyway,the Lord is a forgiver,repent for the time is near.The Lord loves us unconditionally and this issue of the love of God made reflect on some issues.God is not like man,no child asked for bread and was given a stone by the father.Our heavenly Father loves us so much.Even if we stray away from Him,he will still care for us.The bible says as Christ loved us and died for us,we should also love one another.How does love express itself?Love expresses itself in kindness,humility,compassion and long suffering.Even if you speak in tongues of angels but have no love,you are simply making a noise.Even if you pay thousands in tithes but have no love for your fellow human beings,you are just wasting your time.

May the good Lord help us and give us this miracle called love.

Fanele is a 22year old student and social commentator

“you cannot separate politics from religion”-unknown


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