Over the years i have been studying patterns in human behavior.I have come to one conclusion.If you decide to become different from those around you or your family ,you are usually misunderstood.The human race finds it extremely difficult to come to terms with the fact that someone may be different from the rest.

People are usually at pains to accept that this woman,this girl or that man is unique.Instead,what they don’t understand they usually call strange,crazy or bewitched.

“heeeehe,she is a woman why must she make decisions”

“she is just a girl ,why should she play FIFA”

“why should she understand politics,at her age,its unheard of”

Such statements piss me off.

This really pains me.We are all different and we can not be expected to do the same thing.As different as our names and our faces,so are we.

To those who are (like me) misunderstood by their community and their collegues,here is my advice….

believe in yourself

be strong

stand your ground

and before long you will notice that some will begin to understand you.

Fanele is a 22 year old social commentator and blogger.



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